Powering up a new industry using wind farm

There are five turbines just off the Rhode Island coast which will be used in October to power up a new industry. These wind blades will capture the power of the wind. These five turbines are capable of powering 17,000 homes. This is expected to make a huge contribution to lowering the nation’s climate-changing pollution.

The reason for building turbines offshore si that there is strong and steady wind out there. This is a great form of renewable energy. The European nations have installed thousands of machines. But in America, the proposal was delayed due to high costs, strict rules about the use of seafloor, opposition from people, etc.

How the project began

Now Deepwater Wind of Providence, R.I has finally done this project with the help from the political leadership of Rhode Island. Now this type of offshore wind will grow slowly. A law was passed by a Republican-led Congress in 2005. It was signed by President George W. Bush. The Obama administration clarified the ground rules and leased out vast areas of the ocean floor for wind-power development. Thre are now two dozen projects on the line.

The government of New York has set a goal of getting 50% of the state’s power from these renewable energies by 2030, and large offshore wind farms will be required to complete the job. In Massachusetts, Republican governor Charlie Baker signed a bipartisan bill that states that contracts must be developed with the offshore wind farms for a considerable amount of power. Other states are also looking at wind power now. These are indications that we will soon be using renewable energies in every business sector.


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