Let Patrick Moving & Storage Solutions relocate you to New York City

If you need friends or family to recommend a reputable Bronx mover who’ll manage your valuable furniture and precious properties with the utmost care you need to call Patrick. Be sure to schedule your move with a moving company at least six weeks in advance.

Start assembling packing supplies and start packing early. The last time I moved, I got free boxes from my supermarket.

Notify your landlord or management company at least 4 weeks in advance of your move.

Contact utility companies–water, electricity, gas, cable, and phone–to terminate your service.

Phone your local phone company a month before your move to transfer your number or request a new number for your new home.

Get petrol, electric and water services connected at your new residence the day before you move in. Make a request to have services turned off at your old address the day after you move.

Make sure to organize to have your pets transported safely to your new dwelling–it is a great idea to have them travel with you, if possible–this will make the move less stressful for them and you.

Remember to package bare essentials to tide you and your family over for at least a day for example toiletries, towels, soap, and toothpaste. Sponges cleansers, sweeper, and a dustpan will make straightening up a wind! Having a hammer and nails helpful will make hanging graphics easy.

A handful of weeks before your move, take the time to explore your new home in the new york area, so you and your family will understand where to find the closest subway and failure stops, grocery stores, dry cleaners, and the post office. Indigenous New Yorkers always know where they’re going and are great at discovering the fastest way there.

Keeping the fundamentals on hand will help your new house feel like a home in no time. Relocating to the New York Area will be the greatest choice you made. New York City, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, New Jersey, Staten Island, and Queens have a wealth of history for you and your family to explore and appreciate.

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