New York launches solar program to protect environment

With the increased level of pollution and more consumption of energy, it is now necessary to look for renewable sources of energy. New York has more solar panels than other American cities. The government has decided to put these solar panels to good use. A new solar incentive program has been announced recently.

Community solar program

This program will allow communities including business districts, neighborhoods, etc. to join to form single purchasing groups. This will give them better buying power and will encourage solar developers to build out capacity. Hopefully, this will expand the access to renewable energy in New York City. It will establish an innovative way to empower renters and other residents to choose solar energy to power their lives. This will save a lot of energy bills and will improve New York City’s clean energy economy. It will also allow individuals to realize their social and environmental benefits from solar energy.

The effects of climate change are now evident across the country. The Hurricane Sandy, drought in d California and other disasters stress the need to move towards clean energy. It is expected that this new program will lower the emission of carbon in the New York City. It will provide a healthier living environment for the people of New York. By providing an incentive for solar energy, it is possible to move New York City towards future that is run by 100% renewable energy. So, we will have a safer environment for us and our generations to come.

Why are workplace tragedies not considered a crime?

Whenever there is bank robbery or shooting, the criminals are arrested and punished according to law. But whenever an employer ignores workplace safety and causes a worker to be injured or killed on the job, anyone hardly gets arrested. Why does the justice system protect executives?

The main goals of the criminal law are punishment and deterrence. The prosecutors’ responses to criminal behavior in the workplace are very weak. Mostly, workplace deaths and injuries are represented as ‘accidents’. The workers die due to a dangerous workplace. Managers don’t take the necessary precautionary actions to make the workplace safe.

If a worker dies due to a collapse of the trench, the truth is that managers didn’t take the necessary precautions for the work to complete the work faster. These managers believe that they can save money by cutting corners on worker health. They think the cost of injuries as part of their business costs.

The Bacardi bottling facility incident


An incident occurred at the Bacardi bottling facility in August 2012 when a worker Lawrence Davis died on his first day at work due to the negligence of the employer. He was asked to join work within 15 minutes of his arrival without any training. As a machine malfunctioned, several bottles broke, and he was asked to clean up the mess. He wasn’t given any safety training. While he was cleaning up the area underneath the machine, the machine suddenly started working and crushed him to death. No major punishment was given to the company authority. They only paid a find of $110,000.

You will find many such incidents. On average, more than 4,600 workers are killed every year on the job throughout the nation. The laws must be stricter to protect these employees.

Powering up a new industry using wind farm

There are five turbines just off the Rhode Island coast which will be used in October to power up a new industry. These wind blades will capture the power of the wind. These five turbines are capable of powering 17,000 homes. This is expected to make a huge contribution to lowering the nation’s climate-changing pollution.

The reason for building turbines offshore si that there is strong and steady wind out there. This is a great form of renewable energy. The European nations have installed thousands of machines. But in America, the proposal was delayed due to high costs, strict rules about the use of seafloor, opposition from people, etc.

How the project began

Now Deepwater Wind of Providence, R.I has finally done this project with the help from the political leadership of Rhode Island. Now this type of offshore wind will grow slowly. A law was passed by a Republican-led Congress in 2005. It was signed by President George W. Bush. The Obama administration clarified the ground rules and leased out vast areas of the ocean floor for wind-power development. Thre are now two dozen projects on the line.

The government of New York has set a goal of getting 50% of the state’s power from these renewable energies by 2030, and large offshore wind farms will be required to complete the job. In Massachusetts, Republican governor Charlie Baker signed a bipartisan bill that states that contracts must be developed with the offshore wind farms for a considerable amount of power. Other states are also looking at wind power now. These are indications that we will soon be using renewable energies in every business sector.