Building an AR 15 Lower and Upper Kits For Sale

Currently, I’d adopted a rising interest in weapons and decided to review an AR 15. I am sort of a cheap-o, so I went with the DIY route. Basically, the AR 15 is divided up into two components – the lower and upper receivers.

The lower device consists of 3 main items:

1) Removed lower receiver – basically a piece of metal with pockets and spaces, no moving parts
2) Lower Parts Kit (LPK) – contains all the elements you’ll need to perform the reduced and assemble the trigger, trigger guard, hammer, magazine catch, and bolt catch
3) Stock – these all range in designs, from fixed A2 model to 6 position collapsible stocks

I came across lower AR 15 receivers at a local gunshow. I would strongly suggest that you just take a look at a gun show before buying online/locally. Generally, there are several good deals around and you may not must spend the FFL transfer fee as you might if you purchased it online. Incidentally, the only real aspect that’s managed from the government will be the stripped lower receiver. Which means background checks and laws affect lower receivers the same way they affect fully finished guns, guns, etc. to The plus side, once you’ve the removed lower receiver, you are able to buy/get all of those other components with no hassle and have them shipped straight to your door.

Putting the reduced receiver together isn’t extremely tough, however it will get annoying sometimes. I used this guide from forums from start to finish. I suggest that you printout the information first, set your parts out as shown within the diagram, then start building the low. No specific tools are expected, however, you’ll want some blows to value within the roll pins. You can just get the standard pin punches, no importance of specialized roll pin punches if you want to save some money.

I started putting together the lower with no punches, however when it came time to punch down the trigger guard roll pin, I had been wishing I’d one. Attempting to improvise, I used my Swiss Army multifunction tool to hammer in the green. After atleast fifteen minutes, I had finally gotten the pin in, but left the trigger guard all scratched-up from my barbaric hammering. Not just that, however when you’ve to get the bolt catch roll pin in, you will wish you’d a strike. There is inadequate clearance between the pin along with the rifle to McGuyver anything to travel the pin; you have to make use of a strike!

Besides that, the remainder of the process went fine. Only thing is, I’ll need a AUTO wrench to tighten down the inventory, however it ought to be too large of an issue.

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