Best Belly Fat Workout For Women

belly-fat-workout-for-womenI ‘m going to give you, by far, the finest belly fat work out for women there’s. But, the thing is we aren’t even going to think about the belly. Confused? I want to explain.

People who do lots of sit ups and crunches are normally laboring under the misconception you could see reduce belly fat. Not so. You can’t spot reduce fat on your belly any more than you can on your chin. Those sit ups are building muscle. However, because it takes 3,500 calories to burn a pound of fat and sit ups don’t burn off that many calories people rarely find consequences.

So don’t bother with sit ups.

What you need to do to reduce fat in your abdomen is always to reduce your overall body fat percentage. The next thing people usually do are lots of cardio exercises for example jogging, the stairmaster, the elliptical etc. These, actually, do burn fat and you may see results. I used to spend an hour on the stairmaster and would burn off 500 calories. That is significantly more than you’re burning off doing sit ups. Nevertheless, at that rate it would take me 7 hours to burn a single pound of fat. That is a LOT of work.

But just recently I found that compound weight lifting exercises actually increase your metabolism so that you’re burning fat at a higher rate long after the workout is over. These exercises, like the clean and jerk, the bench press, dead lifts and others, work multiple muscle groups at the exact same time. They cause you to exert such effort that they actually throw your body into a metabolic shock. Along with that you’ll be building muscle which weighs more than fat which causes your body to work harder and burn even more fat.

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