We provide world-class journalism to the world’s most influential audiences. We connect our engaged consumers to marketers through our print, digital, mobile and social platforms. We organize live events that present unparalleled advertising and sponsorship opportunities for brands that are looking to reach a high-quality consumer. If you have a business to promote, we give you various opportunities to reach thousands of audiences. Here are our advertising options:

Banner ads

We provide banner ads in medium rectangle size of specification 300 X 25040K in JPG or GIF format. There will be maximum 4 frames and 8-second loop. The maximum file size allowed is 125GB. You can provide one URL with your ad.

Email billboard

It is available in size 500 X 130 and shouldn’t exceed the size of 125KB. There will be maximum 4 frames with an 8-second continuous loop.

Guest posts

If you have sound knowledge on the topics that we cover in this magazine or have a business in this niche, then you can write for us as a guest.

Event sponsorship

We sponsor various events related to business, environment, community, public health, etc. throughout the year. This is a great platform to promote your brand.

We have an advertising department who examines advertisements before publication to make sure that they meet the standards of acceptability. We don’t accept advertising that is misleading or inaccurate. If we think that the advertisement needs modification, we will inform the advertiser.

If you have any questions, please call our advertising department.