a1Keep New York Moving covers, comments and analyzes the news about business, environment, labor, community and public health issues in New York. This magazine was founded in 1999 and reaches thousands of readers every week.

The magazine mainly deals with topics that concern us every day. It gives us news and suggestions on business. We know which company is doing well and which isn’t. We learn about the condition of the share market. You will get expert’s opinions on starting a business in New York and interview with successful business personalities.

You will learn what environmental laws are in place and how you can make your business and home environment-friendly. There are interesting articles on public health problems in New York and tips on how to overcome them.

The magazine covers topics that will help you live in a healthy environment and take your business forward. It is a very useful and informative magazine that is published every month. If you are a permanent residence of New York, then you must subscribe for one today!