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Finding a Nanny in New York who Fits your lifestyle


Finding a Nanny in New York can be tough. Let’s face it, it can be a full time job on it’s own. Luckily there is one Nanny agency that does the work for you. Not only do they do a “thorough” background check, a criminal check, a work history check, they also do in person interviews and carefully screen them and match them to people who need a Nanny like them!

Most of these fly by night, craigslist, backpage, or even some top named Nanny and caregiver websites don’t do what Family Care Options Inc does!

Whether you need child care, elder care, pet care, in home or weekend nanny or baby sitting services, Family Care Options can do it for you at a great price!

Give them (Family Care Options) a call at (212) 748-8377 and see for yourself.

Have Your Child Under The Care Of A Nanny From Nanny New York 

baby sitters new york

Nanny services in NewYork have recently gained humongous popularity. This is because 2 out of 5 couples in NewYork who’ve just become parents don’t have the skill to take care of their newborn efficiently. Baby care can be tough and give them a good night sleep is tougher. Putting the baby to sleep is a skill less known and for parents who come exhausted and stressed-out from work, this can be a mammoth problem.

Tips to Make a Newborn Baby Sleep All Night

NewYork ‘s best Nanny New York agencies follow certain guidelines to provide a good night sleep to the baby. Some of these common guidelines are as follows:

1. A Consistent Bedtime Schedule

Babies crave for schedules. It not only makes them comfortable but is extremely important for them too. Babies that have no set bed time for sleeping is the main reason why they don’t sleep well. Putting the baby to bed at the same time every night is a crucial baby care pointer when you are out looking for the best nanny services provider in NewYork.

2. A Consistent Bed Time Routine

Just like a consistent schedule, a consistent routine while making your baby sleep at night is also equally important. Try to read a story before bedtime to your baby. This will help you to introduce the habit of reading to your baby. Moreover, your baby will have something to look up to.

3. Device a Feeding Schedule

Infants need a feeding almost every 2 or 3 hours. Although 2 or 3 hours of sleep isn’t great for you or your partner feeding your baby at appropriate intervals is also important. A consistent feeding schedule will make your baby healthy and will help you devise a sleeping plan.

4. Playtime Before Feeding – Baby care isn’t just loving and caring your baby. In fact, it is the art of stimulating or teaching your baby various things that he/she should learn from the beginning. Playing with the baby for about 30 minutes before the last feed will make your baby a little tired but can teach him/her coordination.

5. Putting Your Infant To Bed – Making your baby sleep especially if for the first time parents can be arduous. They will cry, and it is perfectly okay for them to do that. Doctors believe it’s good for the baby’s cardio-vascular system. Hence, don’t just grab your crying baby. Swaddle them a bit and then leave them.

Nanny services in NewYork extensively follow these pointers while putting the baby to sleep. These points will ultimately bring co-ordination in the activities of the baby while giving him/her a sound sleep all night.

Leaving your baby alone for the whole day might be the last thing your would want to do. It is one of the most scaring thought that would ever come to your mind. However, sometimes due to situations you become helpless. For instance, working mothers are left with no other option but to look for a substitute. Here, nanny services come at your rescue. Nannies are highly trained professionals who take good care of your kids when you are away from home. These professionals are skilled in dealing with kids giving you a complete peace of mind.

How a Reputable Office Mover Protects Your Vital Records


 When your business is searching for an office mover for your upcoming move, it’s critical that you do your homework to avoid hiring a mover that doesn’t have the experience and expertise to move your sensitive records while preserving a secure chain of custody. Keep in mind that choosing a mover based primarily on price can result in high costs down the road when you consider the penalties associated with the theft or tampering of your company’s private records.

Selecting a Reputable Movers

By taking some time to find the most reliable office mover and records management company you will have taken a huge step towards protecting your business from identity theft and other risks that can cause serious damage to your finances and reputation. Every company’s records include vital information some of which is confidential that can only be relocated safely by using a secure and methodical chain of custody process during the entire move.

As you are receiving quotes from moving companies, it is your responsibility to perform your due diligence to ensure you’re hiring a reputable office mover. Here are a few of the most important things to do and consider:

Research the mover by verifying the company is registered with the Department of Transportation, checking its status with the Better Business Bureau, and reviewing online feedback from previous customers.

Verify that the company offers a variety of moving services that are tailor-made to your business. Using a company that provides office and record moving in one is not only cost-effective but reduces your liability from hiring multiple movers.

Check to see how the office mover transports your confidential records. Does the company use cardboard boxes or plastic crates? If so, this is a red flag. The best moving company will move your files with reusable gondolas that are wrapped, sealed, and stamped to preserve the chain of custody and make the process as efficient as possible. You will reduce packing and unpacking time to get back up and running quickly with minimal downtime.

Inquire about the company’s employee background checks, employee requirements, and how it audits each move to ensure employees are following regulations, laws, and company policies.

Secure Chain of Custody

Your records are at high-risk for theft, tampering, and even loss during a move. Since files are removed from their locked, safe file cabinets, they can be exposed to numerous individuals and unforeseen events along the way. These records belong to your company, not the mover, so you are ultimately liable for their protection and should therefore only consider an office moving company that utilizes a secure chain of custody process.

When hiring a professional office movers that also has records storage and management expertise, look for cues that the company uses sound practice with securing the chain of custody by using methods such as:

– Using locked containers

-Sealing containers in plastic

-Using security seals on top of plastic covers

-Limiting authorization and signature between moves to one or two individuals

-Offering tips to ensure your company is compliant with HIPAA regulations and other federal laws surrounding record moving

Reputable movers will know how to protect your records and not only follow these procedures themselves but ensure you and your staff follows them throughout the moving process as well. If your new office space is inadequate for storage, consider hiring an office mover that is also a record management firm. These firms can store your files in a secure, off-site location to not only lower your moving costs but reduce your overhead and liability risks at your new place of duty.

Benefits of hiring a New York Dog sitting service


Dog owners know just how important it is to have their frisky feline cared for when they are away from home. A dog sitter NYC offers an easy way to have your pet looked after when you have to go out of town for a few days or more. Dog sitters have plenty of duties in the care of your pet. They will feed your dog, change the water, clean the kitty litter box and keep your kitty company. People who have pets usually are anxious regarding to the the safety of their pets especially after they are out of town. Though you can get you pets with you at most events there may be some situations whenever you need to go away your pets in your house while you are on the getaway or when you ought to go out of a city.

In this kind of a circumstance, you will be ready to provide professional treatment for one’s pets through the New York Canine Sitting solutions that are available. Via these services you may be able to go on your holiday along with the self-assurance that a trustworthy man or woman will probably be caring for your pets.

Though the New York dog sitting services are actually well-liked for some time now, people today employed to prefer other implies of producing certain their pets are secure, formerly. Quite possibly the most typical possibility was to hunt for some companion or family member who was inclined to get treatment with the pets.

Or there were also the pet boarding products and services where by you might drop your pet about and accumulate them soon after you come again from the getaway. But choosing a professional pet sitting company is advantageous about one other two choices inside of a variety of strategies.

The principle benefit of opting for New York puppy sitting service is always that you don’t must move your pets from the acquainted place while you should do which includes a pet boarding facility. Your pets can peacefully keep at their very own property and there won’t any improve in their consuming habits or their surroundings.

What this means is that your pet can stay at its household happily awaiting your return and at most it could really feel surprised which you aren’t approximately to pamper it. And when you appear residence you do not go somewhere else to pick up your pet as you ought to that has a pet boarding company.

Another benefit of opting for New York puppy sitting solutions is that you are going to have the satisfaction that you simply have left your pets in capable fingers. The companies rend from the sitter are bought by you with means that the pet sitter will do his responsibilities responsibly and never as a favour.

This implies that your pet will probably be offered for better than while you go away him at a friend’s property. Also, most pet sitters do the job since they enjoy animals!

The Importance Of Hiring The Right Moving Company

commercial movers

No matter how big or small your company is, you may want to consider using a commercial moving company rather than relocating your company yourself. Moving a business is a lot different than moving your own residence. There is furniture and equipment that a business will have that require special handling. By using a professional commercial mover, they will ensure that all of your company’s property is moved quickly, effectively and safely. Commercial moving companies are specifically trained in the art of moving small and large businesses; therefore the overall process will be highly organized and efficient.

How it Works 

When moving your business, there are commercial firms that will employ several managers on your project to ensure your company is moved in an organized manner. Each employee that is assigned to your company’s move will have their own duty; whether it is packing, taking care of computer and electronic equipment, or securing company furniture. Not only will there be supervisors at your location, but there will be assigned supervisors at your arrival location as well. This will ensure that the entire move from start to finish is highly organized and completed properly.

Office Furniture

 If you are considering moving your company yourself, you may want to consider the office furniture. Majority of the furniture in a commercial office is heavy and bulky. These items can include things such as desks, cubicles, filing cabinets, fragile electronics, and any large electronics that your company uses. Packaging and protecting these items yourself can be a large task, but a commercial moving company is staffed and prepared to take care of all of these types of equipment. Not to mention, the sheer process of lifting these heavy pieces of equipment can be a safety risk for not only your employees, but yourself.


Commercial movers will have off-site and on-site storage options that can come as part of your moving package. Storage services can be especially helpful for those companies that are down-sizing their overall location. Instead of having to move your own equipment and furniture from your current location to a storage location, commercial movers can relocate your company’s belongings to a safe and controlled facility. They will even organize your storage locker so that you do not have to worry about what will go where.

Timely delivery

Commercial movers have moved many homes and business and are therefore familiar with both packing and unpacking processes. This saves a lot of time that could have been wasted trying to figure out where to put a certain item or how best to pack it. Additionally, having moved many businesses, commercial movers have a good knowledge of the roads thus ensuring timely delivery. 

Business or homeowners who opt to use the services of commercial movers are considered wise as they get ample time to set up their businesses in the new region. Many professional movers are usually insured and this means any damage caused will be fully repaid by them. If you want to save yourself from moving troubles (and probably loses), utilize the services of the best professional commercial movers.

The Essential Tips for Finding a Great Babysitter for the Move

baby sitters new york

Children are something which cannot be fully explained when you are a parent. Mothers and fathers realize this when they home become filled with laughter and small footsteps, and the same feeling lasts forever. In fact, there is little doubt that the love a parent feels for its child is the most intensive type of love in the world. Because of this, it is no wonder that we as parents desire to get the best for our little ones. The same is true for the moment when we are forced to go back to work or some other commitment and start to leave our toddlers on their own. For this purpose, babysitters have proven to be the ideal solution for many years now, especially if you live in a huge metropolis like New York City.

Here, the offer of the potential candidate is incredibly large and for most parents, the things they want to see are impeccable credentials and a perfect record of previous employment. Of course, this is the most important thing, but soon you could learn that every baby sitter New York and the surrounding area have this. Simply, the service slowly but surely got so good that everyone is very professional. So, what should a parent like you look for then? Well, here are some time-proven tips for finding the best babysitter that will provide your child not only with care and joy, but also some important elements that could prove invaluable in their upbringing.

Knowing Multiple Languages

The most important element you should look for in a baby sitter New York is the fact that she or he knows multiple languages. Imagine if your child could learn English and one more worldwide language before they start school? This could prove them with an insurmountable advantage both in their school years and later career. Currently, the best choices should include one of these global languages: simplified Chinese (Mandarin), Arabic, Russian or Spanish. Children pick up languages really fast and easily learn to speak two at the same time, so you should defiantly favor a bilingual baby sitter New York alternative.


A nanny that is big on sports will keep your child active and teach them that sports are both fun and important. Here, the former and current athlete should be the best possible choice because they are fit and often really appreciate if they can work on their job. With a nice sports baby stroller, the babysitter, and your child could have hours and hours of healthy fun outside every day.

A Background in Arts

Being creative is very important for children and a babysitter with a background in painting; music or any other art form will support this need. They do not have to possess a huge experience in arts, just the appreciation and a desire to practice it. This way, when a child desires to experience playing with some form of artwork, the baby sitter New York or in any other location will be able to help them in this process. Also, you already know that being creative is a lot of fun, so it will provide the same feeling to your child as well.

With these tips, anyone will be able to find a babysitter which is not only a great professional but also has some traits that will help your child grow up in a successful, capable and happy individual.

All You Need To Know about Moving and The Greatness Of Hiring The Right Moving Company


It isn’t easy moving to a new neighbor, or a new state. There are a lot of new routes and streets for you to get used to, a lot of people to get acquainted with, and more importantly, new state laws or city rules to keep in mind.

However, you can turn this stressful activity into an easier task it will not only save you time, but you will also be able to save money and make you relocate faster.

By hiring the right moving company, you will be assisted with transferring your properties to your new home. This is helpful for long distance movers.

When you are moving house then, you are going to want to be sure that you have hired the right company to come and help you with this. There are lots of trusts because they will be handling all of your belongings so you will wish to be sure about who you hire and know they will treat everything with the care and respect it deserves.

You need to plan ahead and start searching for the details of the various companies that you would need to end up potentially calling. This is a simple task and can be achieved just by going online and doing a quick search via your favorite engine.

This will, of course, throw up a list of companies but how many will depend on where you are searching from as clearly larger cities will have more options. It is then a case of sitting down and browsing through as many as your time allows and there are a few things you need to focus on with regards to this research.

Get to know the company experience within this particular industry. The reason for this is that when they have been working on it for a period, then they need to be reliable to actually continue to survive within the trade as bad reports would have closed them down a long time ago.

You will also be able to discover if they have the right licenses in place which allow them to operate as well as have the correct insurance cover should something go wrong. This is going to help your confidence in potentially hiring them which is why it is so important to find it out early on and if you have any doubts don’t hesitate to ask the company personally as they should give you this information.

You may be able also to find some references either online or directly from people you know personally so do ask if they can make you some help. This again is intended to help you with your confidence because when you hear positive things about someone you find it easier to trust them.

The costs involved do not just depend on the company you use although clearly, this is going to make an impact. Instead, it also depends on how many items you have as well as the actual distance that needs to be traveled because apparently moving across the city will be cheaper than moving to the other end of the country.

So hiring the right moving company is an essential part when you are trying to make progress into a new home. Do remember there are a lot of them around so take your time checking out your options before ultimately making your decision about which one you trust enough to handle your belongings carefully and get them to your new destination in one piece.

Top Benefits of Hiring a Moving Company


Local moving companies AKA local movers provide a reliable way of shifting from one place of residence or workstation to another. Here are some top benefits of hiring local movers to help you get your belongings to your new home or workstation safely. 

1. Expert Handling of your Possessions

Most local moving companies are endowed with professional staff that will handle your property with great care until you reach your new destination. The staff is trained, uniformed and highly disciplined. To make the matters even better, some local movers make it mandatory for their staff to go through regular drug and background tests to affirm that they are the right people for the job. It is therefore important to ire local moving contractors to help you get to your new home or workstation with your property in good condition.

2. Top-quality Equipment for Moving Belongings

Local moving companies have top-notch tools and equipment that help speed up the process while at the same time offering enough protection to your belongings. Tools such as fork lifts and specially designed moving trucks provide reliable moving process that should not be ignored. It is therefore always important to hire professional inter-state moving contractors with top-quality equipment when you need to move into a new house or workplace. 

3. Affordable Moving Services

Local movers offer some of the most affordable prices you can get for transportation of your belongings to your new home or working station. In most cases, the cost of hiring the services is calculated on hourly rates with no fees. For long-distance movers the fees are always flat-rated in order to make it more affordable to hire the services. This is always a good deal when compared to instances when individuals depend on their own means to move. 

4. Time-Saving Moving Process

Moving has never been easier than it is today. Moving companies provide a time-saving process that you will most definitely fall in love with if you hire their services. In most cases, packing belongings is what consumes much time when moving. This can be handled swiftly by hiring moving companies with a large number of staff. Your belongings will be packed in protective packages in record time. You will also get the benefit of professional handling of your property as the staff will ensure no every property reaches the new destination in good time and in undamaged condition. 

5. Licensed and Insured Services

Most moving contractors offer licensed and insured services to their clients. This means that you do not have to worry about being pulled over pull by highway patrol officers for moving without license. Insurance cover will ensure that any damaged belongings while packing and moving are compensated for with their real value. Insured services are important especially if you are moving delicate items. 

Hopefully you will find these tips on the top benefits of hiring a local moving company helpful as you look for effective ways of getting your belongings to your new home or workstation. Remember to hire local movers with a lot of experience in the field. This will help you get highly-reliable services that will ensure that your belongings reach your new destination in one piece. 

Let Family Care Options Assist You In Childcare or Eldercare While You Move

eldercare nyc

Many of us will sometime find ourselves coping with the issue of eldercare. We could be facing the duty of managing the care of elder parents, an elderly loved one, partner or perhaps just a buddy. The realization of this duty can come on us unexpectedly. Perhaps an aging parent has broken a bone, or a spouse has begun to show acute signs of dementia. All these conditions may require some assistance in day to day task. To relieve yourself of the uncertainty of their wellbeing, some form of eldercare should be put into play.

These issues are certain to confront many families daily, where an aging mother or father is in need of long term care. There are a number of signs to watch for that will indicate that your aging friend or family member is in need of eldercare. Perhaps you are seeing continuous and worsening illnesses, serious signs of forgetfulness, inability to feed themselves and inattention to cleanliness.

Time To Seek Professional Help (Elder Care NYC)

For some people, the acceptance of eldercare is an easy transition. Maybe this person has an easy going nature that corrects with change. Some people have given thought to and prepared emotionally for the eventual need to move into a full care surroundings.

The type of care could vary from a rehabilitation facility just to assist in returning to better well-being to moving into a full care nursing home. Virtually any area of North America now has a wide variety of nursing homes and government handled homes for the elderly. Conducting some local research will certainly show some practical and affordable eldercare solutions. Today, caring for the elderly doesn’t mean that you personally need not be present to effectively care for your loved one.

If your loved one is simply experiencing some minor impairment; possibly some at home kind medical needs can be met using the endless variety of products on the marketplace now. Producers have developed a multitude of products to assist us with products to track well-being, help us in bathing, sugar and blood pressure tracking and accessing all areas of the home.

It’ll be incredibly productive and beneficial to talk with people with practical experience from day to day exposure to the dilemmas.

Learning from others that have been through your scenario will be a big step in discovering successful solutions for your specific situation.

Changing Times

It appears that elderly family tradition and many old world cultures believed eldercare was the responsibility of the extended family. Recently families have become smaller, in many instances living space considerably more restricted and life expectancy has grown.

All these variables have led to a noticeable dependency on external resources to handle eldercare.

Eldercare not only means medical care but also contains social care that the family and nearest and dearest provide to the elderly. The satisfaction achieved by all parties of these care solutions would clearly require an element of love and care is illustrated in their eldercare.

It’s vital that your loved is satisfied that your goal is heartfelt care for them and not just to fulfill a duty.

Family Care Options
Address: 1271 Ave of the Americas #4300, New York, NY 10020
Phone: (212) 748-8377

Moving With Children

Moving With Children

Living in NYC can be great at times and a pain in the neck other times, especially when it comes to moving, and especially when moving when you have children! Life in the Big Apple is great, moving is a pain in the butt, luckily there are about a million moving companies that will help you make moving easier. There are some that have biblical names like Noah’s Arc Moving or even Ben Hur Moving in The Bronx, and there are come with a more traditional name, like Patrick Moving & Storage Inc. Any way enough promoting moving companies, onto the story (it’s for the children anyway)

Kids and Moving (Moving With Children)

You may have gone through moving encounters many times in your life. Nevertheless, moving to a new home might be your kids’ first time experience. So, how to react to this change depends entirely on how you want them to perceive it. Some kids cannot adapt in a brand new environment so readily. Similarly, some appreciate the transferring experience. In both situations, preparing your children to move is essential.

In order to prepare your kids well to accept the changes of going, take a look at the following hints to move with them readily:

Tell Them the Transferring Strategy Immediately
Communication with kids about any prominent change is important for their well-being. Waiting till the last day at your present house and informing your kids about the next day’s enormous change can depress them. The best thing to do is to let them know about the move in advance. It’s possible for you to tell them as soon as you hire a moving company. This way, children will have the ability to adjust rapidly in the new scenario.

Before packaging and storing things, your children may have many questions in their mind related to moving to their new house, locality, their new buddies in the area, etc. Additionally, they will want you to answer all their questions. In this scenario, all you need to do would be to try everything that you can to answer each and every question. Listen to them with patience and be sure no question is left unanswered.

Reducing their interest level is favorable for you in addition to your kids. Once they get a reasonable idea about the move, they’ll feel excited about it. In this way, they will have the capacity to package their own clothes, books, and playthings without your help and support.

Get Excited About Going to a New Place
If your kids are still uncertain about the new position, you can turn their transferring encounter into an exciting one by showing them that you are excited about it. If you reveal some excitement about the move, your children will analyze your attitude and they’ll follow the same. So, always remember that forming a positive attitude facing your children matters a lot. Tell your children about the libraries and parks nearby your new house.

Encourage Them to Help You in Packing and Moving
Kids can be nicely prepared for the move if you motivate them to pack their clothing and other possessions on their own as a portion of storage. Besides getting help from a moving company, children can also contribute their own efforts in moving.

Here’s a tip when moving, call a junk removal company, and anything you want have them remove it, yes it costs money, but at the end of the day, you’re not bringing what you don’t want to your new place, and you’re freeing up clutter and making the move easy breezy man.